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2020 Health Shops

At Natural Health we are excited for our 2020 Health Shops. Every Monday night at 6:00 pm CT, we will be having a Health Shop that will be touching on the Physical, Nutritional and Emotional aspects of health depending on the Health Shop topic. These Health Shops will all be online for those who can not make it in-person. The Health Shops will be the backbone of our marketing efforts with social media posts, blog posts, emails, in office promotions and much more forming around the concept of the Health Shops. This organized format will allow you to achieve Natural Health by understanding the basics behind each topic. Below is our monthly themes that the Health Shops will be based from:

January - Energy
February - Heart Health
March - Diet
April - Allergies / Sun Health
May - Women's Health
June - Men's Health
July - Hydration / Breathing 
August - Brain Health / Back To School
September - Chronic Illness in America
October - Chiropractic Month
November - Preparing For Winter
December - Diabetes / New Year's Resolutions

We will keep you informed with the topics of the Health Shops for the 2020 year as they may be subject to change at the moment. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well


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