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Why is the Nutritional Testing We Do So Important?

Why is the Nutritional Testing We DoSo Important?
The answer to this is simple. People spend millions of dollars per year on vitamins, oils, super foods, super drinks, etc. and yet our health in this country is getting worse. This is because these people, who are trying to help their health, are listening to marketing and advertising information rather than knowing exactly what nutrition they need and how they need it. There is a lot to know in the nutrition field on the right kinds of nutrition so that it nourishes the body and helps the body to heal, and being able to get the patient’s body to a state where it will absorb the nutrition and utilize it correctly. In doing our Nutrition Response Testing technique, we are able to learn from the body what state it is in. We can then determine what steps are needed to get the body working towards true health and vitality. Normally when patients first come in, they must go through a period of detox and drainage of all the junk and toxins the…
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Tight Muscles? You Need Chiropractic

Did you realize that tight muscles are one of the first signs of pinched nerves?  Muscles are controlled by nerves, so if your muscles are staying tight, more than likely, you have pinched nerves and need Chiropractic adjustments to remove this nerve impingement.  Getting a massage, going to the spa, relaxing with a book, etc. are great practices to help muscles relax but if they just re-tighten, the nerves that control them are being irritated.  Chiropractic adjusting helps by removing the cause of the impingement which then helps the muscle to be able to relax and work in coordination with the other muscles of the body for normal motion and movement.  When these muscle groups get out of coordination, joints suffer as they are not moving correctly.  A good example is the knee, where it is meant to move in one plane of motion but if the muscles that control its motion are tighter on one side than the other, a twist type motion occurs and irritates the joint causing pain and degeneration. T…

The Need to Be Right

The Need to Be Right
I’m sure that you have talked with people and discovered their need to be right. Everyone wants others to emotionally feel close to them and that what they are doing, whatever it is, is the right way to do it or is best. Many people we have talked to, have been doing things a certain way for years, or decades, or even for generations. In their mind all that time makes it seem right. The question to ask though-is it? Many of these notions are based on outdated or uninformed ideas and may have even worked well for a while but the end result is not turning out as expected. It may also take some time, as in years or decades, to see the results of a wrong idea or a wrong action. You may have heard the expression about being “happy in your misery” or “being dead right”. These are expressions about people thinking they are doing the right thing but in reality, they’re not. Another part of this “need to be right” psychology is those of a professional nature. For instance, y…

A Great story about Autism children

Doesn’t Qualify for Special Ed Class Any Longer I have found that utilizing Nutrition Response Testing® along with Chiropractic gets better results with my patients. I would like to share two of these cases, since the results had a profound effect not only for the patients but for their family as well. I had a young boy that came in to my practice who was in a special preschool.  He was 4 and he was diagnosed with autism. He was an extremely picky eater.  His mom couldn’t really get him to eat very much and he was on a very limited diet.   The mother brought him in to see me.  Upon completing an initial examination, I told the mother right away, “I don’t think your child is autistic.  There is something going on with him, but I don’t see it as autism.” He was very bright although he did have some behavioral issues.   Through Nutrition Response Testing I found that his gall bladder had some nutritional deficiencies.  The protocol called for giving him gall bladder support in the form of who…

Miracle Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Miracle Anti-Wrinkle Cream
The key ingredient in this product, are stem cells extracted from Eryngium Maritinium (EM), a marine plant. Thanks to a scientific breakthrough in 2010 when scientists at the Plant Cell Institute finally succeeded in developing a process that would extract plant stem cells without damaging them, we are now starting to see the benefits of their research. Marine plants are categorized as “extremeophiles”, as they are able to survive and adapt to extreme, unstable environments. They are able to change, repair and provide protection from similar conditions that our skin faces every day. Specifically, EM is a plant that is able to protect itself against sun radiation, dehydration and oxidation. Clinically, stem cell extracts from this plant have been observed to be effective in addressing aging disorders of the skin, especially superficial wrinkles and rough and dry skin. In my opinion, this is true nutrition directly for the skin. Aging disorders of the skin are a c…
A Natural Approach to Pain Chiropractic care takes a very different approach. Pain, or other symptoms, is a language your body uses to alert you that a limit has been reached or a change needs to be made. This usually involves the functioning of your nervous system. Because it controls and regulates every cell of your body. Every nerve message between your brain and body travels the spinal cord. If a vertebra is out of place, even slightly, it can put pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots that exit the spine. The resulting interference to nerve communications can be the cause of a host of health issues. A series of precise spinal adjustments help restore proper spinal function. The result? Revived brain to body communications. Oh, and less pain. If you’re experiencing pain, get a thorough spinal examination. Chiropractors have been able to help many who were threatened with surgery. Or told to “learn to live with it.” It’s an all natural solution that has helped millions. So …

The universe is saying to you today:

The universe is saying to you today: “Trust that everything is happening exactly how it needs to, especially on difficult days. Some days you will feel immense clarity and motivation, and on other days you may question your life path & direction. Trust this: Storms come and pass and they always strengthen the roots of strong trees. Tough days are strengthening you.
It can be tough to better yourself by improving your health, but the outcome is so rewarding. "Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, LIve Well"