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The universe is saying to you today:

The universe is saying to you today: “Trust that everything is happening exactly how it needs to, especially on difficult days. Some days you will feel immense clarity and motivation, and on other days you may question your life path & direction. Trust this: Storms come and pass and they always strengthen the roots of strong trees. Tough days are strengthening you.
It can be tough to better yourself by improving your health, but the outcome is so rewarding. "Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, LIve Well"
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Bone on Bone

Bone on bone is a term that refers to a joint that has lost the cartilage normally found between the two bones of a joint. In the spine, this cartilage is a disc. A disc can thin, wedge, bulge or herniate. This is often associated with osteoarthritis, which can produce swelling, pain and difficulty moving. If the joint function is compromised for too long, the body compensates, changing the shape of the vertebra. First, by thickening and forming a lip along the edge. Eventually bone spurs can emerge, splinting adjacent bones. Like stalactites and stalagmites in a cave. Or how our body would mend a broken arm. Do you know someone with joint inflammation who should see us? Encourage them to look into a conservative approach to improve joint function before relying on risky pain medication or irreversible surgery. Urge them to give us a call.

Low Carb and Keto Diet Explained

Low Carb and Keto Diet Explained Go to
This is a great website that has simple videos to help patients get started on a low-carb and/or keto diet. This is especially important if you’re a visual learner, you’ll love the visual guides for navigating optional food choices. On this website are low-carb recipe alternatives for Everything! This goes for pizza, cookies, chocolate, You name it! Find interesting and great tasting low-carb options for all the food you thought you had to give up on a low-carb diet. So why does everyone seem to feel better on a low-carb/keto diet? Simply put, it replaces an inefficient fuel source (sugar) with a highly efficient fuel source (fat/keytones). This means that your trillions of cells have a cleaner fuel source to burn, and everything just works better. But can a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet really help Your health problems? Check out one of the most helpful pages on : Conditions Helped by Low Carb/Keto. Pass this website …

Weight Loss Simplified II

Weight Loss Simplified II
This handout is geared towards the patients who are having a tough time losing weight. As many of our other handouts talk about toxicity in the body, we are finding this is a much more prevalent problem in folks who are having a hard time losing weight and we must work harder to get these toxins out of the body. With this in mind, we are especially looking at the liver and kidneys and helping these organs to be able to remove these toxins so the body can lose the weight. Were also find that these toxins gum up the metabolic processes and that we must address this issue as well. We’ve also found that further restriction of carbohydrates is especially helpful, working towards a ketogenic, and almost Carnivore type diet. A saying that we’ve come across that seems to work is that the diet is for losing weight, and exercise is for building muscle. In other words, it’s hard to lose weight by just working with exercise-the diet must be addressed. And as always at Nat…

What does an adjustment feel like?

·What does an adjustment feel like? How the adjustment feels depends on the type of adjusting method being used. With Activator adjusting, you just feel the click of the Activator working and the speed of the adjustment keeps you from really feeling anything other than better. More osseous types of adjusting will give you a feeling of a joint moving, like popping a knuckle. The ideal is to have as little discomfort as possible so the patient can relax and the spine will accept the adjustment as easily as possible.

Can I adjust myself?

·Can I adjust myself? You do see people, ever so often, twisting or popping their neck are turning in their chair to pop their lower back. This may lend towards a temporary relief of pain but without realigning all the spinal vertebra, the problems will return over and over. At Natural Health, we check the whole spine on every patient that comes in to make sure the spinal structures will heal in place as they should. “Cracking” the neck or back over and over lends towards ligament instability which the body responds to by putting calcium in these areas causing arthritis and degeneration. The overuse of over-the-counter, and prescription (like opioids), pain medication lends toward this problem as well as you have not fixed the cause of the problem, only covered it up.

Why would a newborn get adjusted?

·Why would a newborn get adjusted? As the baby develops during the nine-month term, the uterus gets pretty crowded. The spine is in a big C curve and the middle of this curve is around the 6th thoracic vertebra. If this vertebra is not in correct alignment, the nerve there gets irritated and this nerve controls how the stomach works. This problem can lead to colic in the newborn and is easily remedied by a chiropractic adjustment. The biggest need for a newborn adjustment, though, is when forceps or clamps are used in the delivery process, along with twisting or pulling on the newborns head and neck. As you can imagine, this can cause all kinds of misalignment issues in the cervical and upper thoracic vertebra. Not getting these subluxations corrected will lend towards later symptoms and spinal problems, like headaches and asthma.