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Health is Normal

  Hello Natural Health Family. I hope you all had a great weekend. Today’s topic will focus on health being our natural state of being. We typically think it is normal to have health issues because it is common in today’s world. There may be multiple reasons for this but when we consider the idea that our bodies are amazing and are healing all the time then we can ask ourselves what is causing the health issues that are apparent in the world.  When we eat right, drink right, think right and move our bodies, we are keeping our bodies in a good mode to heal and function properly. When we do the right things most of the time then we can adapt to the stress in our lives. The more we help ourselves the better we can help others. Especially in these times it is paramount to keep our bodies healthy. When we start taking care of ourselves then our outlook on life becomes better.  What are some things that have made people so unhealthy in our world? Let’s consider the foods we eat, how we m
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  Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation -      It's still hard for me to believe that we have gotten through all the holidays and we're into another year. So far the winter has been mild but it's still winter. This is the time of year where people get more colds and flu symptoms and they really need to watch their vitamin D level. We have a great product called Cataplex D .It is a food source of vitamin D so that you're getting the whole vitamin complex, not just synthetic vitamin D3. We also use a lot of cod liver oil which is a good oil source that is easily digestible for most people. We test  these products on the patients to see which one works the best for them. Everyone's body is so different  and has particular needs.  This is why we check our products on the body to make sure it works right for them, not only for a good response, but to be efficient and economical.       This month we are focusing on the energy of the body and the topic for this week'

The Type of Fat You Eat Affects Your COVID Risk

  STORY AT-A-GLANCE A compelling report in the journal Gastroenterology offers a radically novel yet logically sound explanation as to why some COVID-19 patients develop life-threatening organ failure, namely their high unsaturated fat intake Data indicate that COVID-19 mortality rates are heavily influenced by the amount of unsaturated fats you eat. Simply put, unsaturated fat intake is associated with increased mortality from COVID-19, while saturated fat intake lowers your risk of death The researchers believe early treatment with calcium and egg albumin will reduce rates of organ failure and ICU admissions, as they bind unsaturated fats and reduce organ injury Omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) makes up the bulk of the omega-6 consumed and is the primary contributor to nearly all chronic diseases, because when consumed in excessive amounts, LA acts as a metabolic poison Detailed instructions for how to calculate and track your LA intake are included A compelling report 1  in the journal Ga

How Emotions Affect the Adrenals and Thyroid

  Hey Everyone, before I get to my personal story, if you are conquering your New Year’s Resolutions! Congrats! If you're about to give up, DON’T! You have to understand that you have to make it a habit for it to stick within the mind. It's like learning a new skill. If you give up, you won't be able to perform that new skill. If you stick with it, you will be living your life with that Resolution effortlessly. It comes to sticking with it. You achieving your resolution or not comes down to you and only you. No one else. Be determined and just keep moving forward. The ending of achieving your resolution is much closer than you think. It’s not always going to be this hard. Think about how easy you can write your name, it will become just as easy. You just have to keep going to condition that mind! But Anyways…. Here is my personal story for you from this topic that I hope inspires you. I grew up as one of the kiddos that loved being expressive. The connectedness I felt from

How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Disease Risk

  STORY AT-A-GLANCE A significant proportion of your immune system resides in your gastrointestinal tract. Harvard researchers have now identified the specific population of gut bacteria that modulate localized and systemic immune responses to ward off viral invaders Bacteroides fragilis and other bacteria in the Bacteroides family initiate a signaling cascade that induces the release of interferon-beta, which protects against viral invasion by stimulating immune cells to attack the virus and causing virus-infected cells to self-destruct Zonulin-mediated gut permeability plays a determining role in the pathogenesis of many chronic inflammatory diseases. Zonulin is produced in response to bad bacteria. It flushes the bacteria out by opening up the tight junctions Aside from bacteria overgrowth, gluten is a powerful trigger of zonulin release as the zonulin pathway misinterprets gluten as a potential harmful component of a microorganism Chronic inflammatory diseases associated with dysre

Gut Health

  Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation,      I hope that everyone survived all the holidays and didn’t eat too badly. That is a problem in our society, all these holidays and excuses to eat stuff we shouldn’t. It’s OK if that’s it but we easily fall into the trap of continuing to eat badly and then pretty soon, we're sick or “catch” a cold. Many times cold and flu symptoms are the body detoxing and cleaning itself. As we enter the New Year, it’s a great time to consider your health status and to improve it, especially after all the virus stuff going on last year. It’s why I’ve been using the phrase - “Don’t Worry, Be Healthy”.      The article that I’ve included this week talks about Gut health and why it’s so important, even with brain function and immune system function. One of the big failures of mainstream medicine is that there is no coordination of body functions, just a different doctor for different specialties. The human body is a functioning whole, not just parts to fi