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Natural Cleaners

5 Natural and Easy Cleaners You Can Make at HomeAnalysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaHarsh house cleaning chemicals expose you to health hazards and pollute the environment, but you can easily and inexpensively make your own natural cleanersLemons are effective as deodorizers as well as kitchen and bath cleanersHydrogen peroxide has unique antibacterial properties that make it ideal for general cleaning around the houseWhite vinegar can remove mildew and clean dingy bathroom grout when allowed to sit for 30 minutesIn addition to many personal care uses, baking soda has myriad household cleaning uses and is inexpensive and safe Cleaning the house is no one's favorite job, and dangerous cleaning products worsen the task by posing risks to you and the environment. An extreme example occurred earlier this year at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Burlington, Massachusetts. Chlorine gas produced when the cleaners Super 8 and Scale Kleen were unintentionally mixed killed the general manager1 and sickene…

Happy New Year

Hopefully you all survived Christmas and some of the foods that you got a hold of-ha. Many of the food diaries that I’ve seen lately have some not so good foods on them but I realize it’s the holidays and you have to try what other people bring. Just like an alcoholic, a sugarholic just needs to get back on the wagon if there has been a relapse. Sugar is just as addictive as alcohol and the problem with the holidays is that it is a societal way of getting hooked back onto eating sugar and processed foods. We all want to be healthier in 2020 so get back on the ketogenic type diet. If you have problems, just give us a call here at Natural Health and we will work you through it.
I’ll try to keep this weeks letter short as were all still working on holiday season timeline. The article that I’ve included looks at using simple household items for cleaners instead of buying stuff that has more toxic chemicals in it. The underlying point is that we have been advertised and hoodwinked into buyi…

Are These the Top 3 Stress-Busting Supplements?

STORY AT-A-GLANCEOptimizing your omega-3, vitamin D and magnesium levels can help reduce stress and positively impact brain healthIf you choose to use a vitamin D3 supplement, pair it with magnesium and vitamin K2 to reduce your risk of atherosclerosisMaintaining optimal levels of magnesium lowers your risk of anxiety and of vitamin D deficiencyYour brain has a high concentration of omega-3; a deficiency is associated with anxiety and depression During an acute stress response, your body undergoes chemical changes that enable you to run from predators or take down prey. It's known as the flight-or-fight response. Unfortunately, some of those same life-saving chemical reactions used to protect you from danger may also be triggered as a coping response to perceived societal dangers, like dealing with a problem with a coworker or addressing the fear of public speaking. In other words, there are times your body finds it difficult to turn off the stress response. This chronic stress i…

Nutritional Support

I hope that you really enjoyed the weekend. It sure was nice weather for the middle and end of December. Doesn’t look like much of a chance for a white Christmas but we have got to see snow several times already. It’ll be nice for those who are traveling to not have to worry about bad weather. I hope that you and yours can get together over the holidays, have lots of fun and good conversation, and try not to eat too much sugar and junk!
As the topic for this month is handling stress, I’ve included an article that looks at 3 major nutritional support supplements that help the body handle stress. Omega 3 oils, vitamin D, and magnesium are all great health promoting nutrients. We have much better ways of determining your need for this than Dr. Mercola and his surveys with our Nutrition Response Testing technique and the supplements we use are whole food nutritional supplements, not synthetics or singular vitamin concentrates, but the information in the article this good. And as usual, we …

Benefits of Play Time

The Health Benefits of Play TimeAnalysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola STORY AT-A-GLANCEHumans, like most other animals, have a natural play instinct, and this instinct has important benefits. It allows us to fine-tune our motor skills, develop social skills and emotional resilience and learn our limitations, and is essential for normal, healthy brain developmentThe brains of play-deprived rats are underdeveloped in the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for impulse control and decision making. They also have disorganized neuronal growth and irregular neuronal cellsThe replacement of physical play with technological gadgetry has many experts worried, as research shows playing makes people smarter, braver and kinderTo qualify as play, the behavior must be done for no apparent reason, be repetitive, sometimes in an exaggerated way, be spontaneous and done when relaxed and not stressedPlay has the ability to bridge the gap between wildly differing species. It has a language of its own, and …

Handling Stress

I hope you’re having a great day, even though it’s Monday. Christmas is next week, is anyone panicking yet? Most people I talk to are already wrapping their gifts or buying gift cards so everything seems under control. There is always that stress though of remembering everyone and getting the right thing. The snow we have makes the season seem more like Christmas time but we all know that means winter and a dreary season for a while, unless you actually like snow-ha.
The theme that were working on this month is handling Stress and it becomes a problem this month with all the different deadlines- Christmas stuff, tax stuff, relatives visiting, traveling in bad weather, etc.. One of the big actions that we talk about in the office is remembering to breathe. It may sound silly but when people get so busy and stressed, they forget to breathe deeply and relax. Anyone can do it-it’s very simple and with no cost. We even have a handout sheet for those who need help-ha. It’s so important to re…

January Specials

January One Day Specials
January 6th Free Veterans Visit Show your military card and receive a Free Chiropractor Adjustment, Nutrition Visit, Reiki Session or Heart Sound Recorder January 14th  Family Day Established patients bring in a new family member and receive a Free Chiropractic Adjustment or Nutrition Visit. January 22nd Heart Sound Recorder Receive a Heart Recorder Scan for $10 January 30th  Energy Coaching/Reiki Session Receive a 30-minute Energy Coaching for $10 Natural Health 217-228-2040