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2020 Health Shops

At Natural Health we are excited for our 2020 Health Shops. Every Monday night at 6:00 pm CT, we will be having a Health Shop that will be touching on the Physical, Nutritional and Emotional aspects of health depending on the Health Shop topic. These Health Shops will all be online for those who can not make it in-person. The Health Shops will be the backbone of our marketing efforts with social media posts, blog posts, emails, in office promotions and much more forming around the concept of the Health Shops. This organized format will allow you to achieve Natural Health by understanding the basics behind each topic. Below is our monthly themes that the Health Shops will be based from:

January - Energy February - Heart Health March - Diet April - Allergies / Sun Health May - Women's Health June - Men's Health July - Hydration / Breathing  August - Brain Health / Back To School September - Chronic Illness in America October - Chiropractic Month November - Preparing For Winter D…

Gratitude: Counting Blessings

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation.
I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend and are not too stuffed from all the overeating. It was a great time to catch up with relatives and friends and count your blessings. Hopefully everyone got along well and perhaps even let go of past problems and strife. Thanksgiving is a kind of warm-up holiday for the Christmas season and everything that goes along with that. I hope and pray that you all do not stress out during this season but if you do feel stressed, we have great nutritional support to help your body handle it. Drenamin is one of our top sellers to help the adrenal glands which are your stress handling gland. Also Kava Forte is a great herbal supplement to help relax with, kind of the opposite of coffee. Come by the office or give us a call at 217 – 228 – 2040. Since we’re into December now, our theme has changed to one of discussing Stress, Fatigue and Sleep.

We deal with this a lot with our patients and have helped lot…