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Will adjustments make my spine too loose?

·Will adjustments make my spine too loose? Putting the vertebra back in place and getting the ligaments to hold the vertebra in correct position actually helps the spine to tighten and strengthen. If a person has spinal subluxations, or misalignment, it means that the ligaments are already loose and are allowing the vertebra to move to far or misalign and get stuck out of place. This misalignment causes joint inflammation and disc height reduction which can then cause the resultant spinal nerve pinching or irritation. The chiropractic adjustment helps to restore normal nerve function by realigning the vertebra and getting the ligaments to strengthen. There may be a need for nutritional support as well is this may be the reason why the ligaments have weakened in the first place.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

·Are chiropractic adjustments safe? Chiropractors go to professional college for up to 8 years to learn anatomy, physiology, and all the physical sciences to know how to adjust patients safely. There are also different forms of adjusting techniques that use heavier amounts of force down to techniques that use hardly any force at all. For instance, at Natural Health, we use the Activator adjusting instrument to adjust our patients which is a very low force metered adjusting technique with a stellar safety record. We also use a muscle relaxing technique to move the vertebra which uses no force. Both of these adjusting techniques are extremely safe.

How do we get Healthy

HEALTH (True, Natural, Energetic) = Nutrition and Diet divided by Negative Stress (Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Environmental)
If You Want To Be Healthy, You Must Give The Body What It Needs To Repair Itself!
Do You Know What That Is?
Natural Health and Nutrition Response Testing Can Answer that Question! Call us today and make your appointment so you too can "Get Healthy, Stay Healthy and Live Well" 217-228-2040

Natural Health is a “Safe Haven” for Health Truth

Natural Health is a “Safe Haven” for Health Truth
What we mean by “safe haven” is that our patients and our patient’s families are welcome to ask us about any question related to health and we will find the true answer for them. Many folks are hesitant to talk about health issues with their usual MD because they know of the blowback they will get when discussing natural health issues. Mainstream medicine has its own philosophy on treating patients and much of their information comes from research done by drug companies and drug salesman that, of course, are biased and perhaps not in your best interest. We understand the need for these companies to make money but we don’t agree with the misinformation that causes patients harm to their health and possibly fatal consequences. At Natural Health, we are interested in giving our patients truthful information on how to gain and maintain true health so that they can enjoy life and have energy and not suffer through disease processes. Our patie…