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How to lower Cholesterol?

How to lower Cholesterol?

            To learn how to lower your cholesterol, we first must have a discussion about what cholesterol is and does. Cholesterol is in all the cell membranes in your body, your brain is 60 to 80% cholesterol by weight, but in your bloodstream it is a transfer molecule moving triglycerides from the liver to the fat cells for storage, or from the fat cells to the liver to be used for energy production. Only about 5% of the cholesterol that gets into your body comes from the diet, the rest is all made by the liver for the purposes mentioned above. The problem with cholesterol comes when the body uses it to repair the damage in the arteries that comes from the use of refined sugar. The increased sugar consumption causes insulin spikes and the resulting inflammation deteriorates the lining of the arteries. With more inflammation, the body uses more cholesterol to patch it up and this causes the plaque, that if a piece breaks off and gets in the wrong place, a stroke results. The underlying problem here is not the cholesterol itself, but is the chronic use of refined sugar, or any refined carbohydrate, that constantly irritates the lining of the arteries and sets cholesterol up to be the bad guy. Statin drugs are used to force the liver not to make cholesterol which causes many other problems and is not addressing the underlying cause of consuming refined carbohydrates. This gives you a big clue on how to reduce your cholesterol, get refined carbohydrates out of your diet.
            In the natural world, a reduced stress lifestyle and increased physical activity also helps to use up the triglycerides, meaning 3 sugars, which cause the body to make more cholesterol. Most patients that have been eating refined carbs for a long time, are deficient in minerals and vitamins, especially the B vitamins, which when eaten or supplemented, help the body to handle stress and reduce the need for more production of cholesterol by the liver. There are many good books to get a hold of that explain this in depth, one of the best is called “The Cholesterol Myth” by Dr. Ravnskov. You can take charge of your life and reduce your cholesterol number without using harmful Statin drugs. Get to the cause of the problem and eliminate refined sugar from your diet!


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